First Communion Saint Hubertus – 5 Great Suggestions

There are millions with memory  of previous lives or of some inkling of them. They have flashbacks or clear memory of their last death. That is the same Saint Hubertus in my case and the experience teaches that heaven and hell or myths for religious power and control. While neither place has been found and there is no evidence for either they are held in place by religious organisations that depend on them for their survival.

People are drawn to places where promises of Hunting Necklace a better and more profitable life or benefit are to be attained. Sales people know that to get someone interested in your product you have to exaggerate it, make it sound like it’s the best in the world, and even offer a give-away to clinch the deal. Heaven is the ‘gift’ for converts and members of religious bodies.

By way of contrast and to keep them in their congregations the threat of hell has been an all sustaining proposition. What can’t be seen cannot be disputed Saint Hubertus and the after-life is the hook to drag audiences in. Because most of the world now believes in these places it is a perfect trap.

Obedience to the gods on offer and Saint Hubertus, therefore, their leaders will get them to heaven while disobedience or rebelliousness drives them to hell. If one is caught in this position there is only one way to go. The lies have, therefore, created the World Order and the expectation of communities that deal harshly with those who interrupt it.

To window dress the benefits of buying into the fake dogma images of saints, and the gods are all around one. They sit high on mountain tops or on the facade of buildings, they Saint Hubertus packs the churches, and are in the medals and statues people worship and tote around. They are dummies without power and only through brain-washing and false hopes do they acquire any.

Reincarnation is a threat to these establishments and the Catholic Church banned it in the 5th CAD after Constantine established it in 325 AD. He used the weapons of heaven and hell to bring it into existence and to make it one of the great forces in the world.